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The Nomadistan

Departing: Moscow, Russia - 18 days
Countries visited: Russia, Kazakstan, Uzbekistan & China

Explore part of the fabled, old, Silk Road. Traverse the deserts and mountains. Visit the caravanserai of Old Turkestan where tea, silk and spices were traded. Back then they would travel by camel, today you can see it all by train. Marvel at the architecture of Registan Square in Samarkand whilst enjoying a plate of plov and some shashlyk.




Day 1 -  Arrive Moscow - Amazing art, architecture, street life and clubs. Moscow will have something for all the group
Day 2 - Moscow
Day 3 - Moscow and depart to Tashkent
Day 4-5 - Silk Road Railway - Chat to the locals watch the changing faces and learn about life in former Soviet states
Day 6 - Arrive Tashkent
Day 7 - Tashkent and depart to Samarkand
Day 8 - Samarkand - Home to breathtaking monuments and glittering minarets all for you to explore
Day 9 - Depart to Bukhara
Day 10 - Bukhara and depart to Tashkent - Have tea by the leafy ponds and watch centuries of life unfold
Day 11 - Arrive in Tashkent and depart to Almaty
Day 12-13 - Almaty
Day 14 - Almaty and depart to Urumqi
Day 15 - Silk Road Railway - Prepare to be amazed by the desert city as the train follows the ancient trade route
Day 16 - Arrive Urumqi
Day 17 - Depart to Beijing on the Silk Road Railway
Day 18 - Beijing


Visa support for pre-booked services

Services of Vodkatrain Honchos in Moscow, Tashkent, Samarkand, Bukhara, Almaty and Urumqi. Please note that in Uzbekistan Honchos travel with groups at all times, so rather than meeting a new Honcho in every city, you'll have somebody making sure your needs and best interests are being looked after at all times.

Accommodation on a share basis (twin/triple or dorm rooms, private facilities not guaranteed)

4-berth train tickets Moscow-Tashkent-Samarkand-Bukhara-Almaty-Urumqi-Beijing

All departure and arrival transfers en-route. Please note: Arrival transfer on Day 1 and departure transfer at the end of your itinerary are not included. Please see the ‘Extra Stuff’ section for details on booking these services.

Extra stuff

Linger a little longer. Pre and Post tour accommodation including visa support… stay as long as you like.

Get me to the airport on time. Take the hassle out of arriving and departing… splurge on a transfer.

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