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Trains... Not the Orient Express!
Trains along the Trans Siberian, Trans Mongolian, Silk Road and within India are a destination in themselves! Along with ideas, religions and an enormous variety of goods, these trains ferry families, traders, students, soldiers, business people, travellers, monks & acrobats... You name it, they're on it and there is a good chance you'll be sharing with them on some stage of the journey!

Trans Mongolian Railway Train | Meeting the locals

Let's get something straight from the start: These are not chartered trains but scheduled services. Overnight accommodation is in four-share sleeping compartments - two upper and two lower bunks. Depending on group size, you may be sharing with other group members, or with local travellers. Don't be afraid to say hello!

Trans Mongolian Railway | Attendants - Compartments

Compartments have bedding, reading lights, a big window, a small table, room for a rucksack or two and if you're REALLY lucky - a vase with a plastic flower. Carriages have two washrooms (no showers), boiling water and a couple of friendly attendants... each train has it's own personality, and regulars, so  check out the dossier for specifics.

Please note - on the Budgeting Bolshevik and Holy Cow sleeping configurations and facilities will differ.

Not planes, but auotmobiles...
Add the odd yak, camel, horse and it doesn't end there.
Inspired with huge vaulted ceilings and palatial trappings, the Moscow Metro is just like the London Underground except with the Human Race in mind rather than the rat race.

Transfers...  You won't get left behind
Station transfers are provided throughout your itinerary... Once you arrive at the station, a friendly Honcho will meet you to transfer you to your accommodation. When it is time to leave, they arrange the transfer from the guesthouse to the station, and don't leave until everyone is comfortably on the train and ready for the next stage of the journey. Too easy...