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The emphasis is on good value, cleanliness and friendly hosts.

Your accommodation for every night of the itinerary is included in the price. We've chosen them for their character and with your costs in mind. Sometimes you will be in multi share but mostly twin share, with a mixture of private and shared bathroom facilities.

Hostels & Hotels
You'll stay in a mixture of hostels and hotels along the way, all nice and close to transport and clean! One of the favourites is Godzillas in Moscow. It was the first independent hostel to open in Moscow and that's no mean feat in Russia! Close to the action, sites and two metro stations within 5 minutes walk Godzillas really does provide an easy way to meet other travellers on other Vodkatrain journeys as it is the start and end point for many of our journeys. We know you'll love the green walls and hang out areas, the beds are comfy and they even have free internet so you can start posting your facebook udpates from Day 1!

Whilst at Lake Baikal you'll stay in Tatyana's Guesthouse, a Siberian wooden chalet where Tatyana will cook up some traditional Russian food when you get back from your day by the Lake. For those who are game enough there is even a traditional Russian Banya (sauna) so grab some birch twigs and you'll soon discover a whole new cleansing experience. An exhilarating plunge into Lake Baikal when it all gets too much is one memory that is sure to be close to the top of your list.

Gers in Mongolia and yurts along the Silk Road. They're the same thing though, the homes of nomads. Over half the Mongolian population still live in gers today, either out on the steppe or nestled amongst the high rise in the city. A round wooden-framed felt tent covered in canvas, the basic framework is constructed of a collapsible lattice wall sections (khana), a low wooden door, 2 central support posts (bagana) a wheel shaped roof frame (toono) and between 80 & 100 poles (uni). Amazingly the nomads can take these down in just 30 minutes, pack them on their ox carts and head off across the steppe to fresh pastures. They're also useful if you get lost - all doors face south so you don't need to bring a compass!

Staying in a traditional Mongolian ger is a highlight of any trip in Mongolia. You will stay in a ger camp - a small group of gers with some basic facilities (beds, a pot-belly stove that the local family will keep burning when cold, toilets and a restaurant).


In the hotels, hostels & guesthouses we will try and pair you if you are a couple but it can't be guaranteed, so sometimes you will be sharing with fellow group members of the same sex in hotels or mixed gender rooms in our hostels and guesthouses. In the ger camp travellers usually have the choice of who they share with. Depending on group size you may be sharing with local travellers and members of the opposite sex on train sectors.


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