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I was born in a small town called Khuder in the north east of Mongolia, close to Russia. My home was so close to the border that I vividly remember talking to Russian friends across the massive river, without ever being able to cross it to actually meet them.

My understanding of the outside world was developed by only two television channels, one of which was ORBIT 1, a Russian TV channel with English sitcoms and American Hollywood movies translated into Mongolian. Those two channels opened up my curiosity of other countries, peoples and cultures.

Wanting to improve my understanding of other cultures and practice my English, I moved to Australia in 2010. I now live and work in Melbourne. I really enjoy working in  travel and tourism industry and I have been working in the field for over 8 years in Mongolia and Australia.

What do you love about overland travel?
You get to experience different cultures in one go. If you feel a connection with those countries  you can always go back again do a deeper discovery.

Which of the Sundowners Overland destinations fascinates you most?
Probably Mongolia because it’s my own country. And it has so much to discover. In few words, Mongolian culture is good blend of east and west. An endless wide open steppe, nomadic culture and history are fascinating and unique.

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