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Megan Larsen

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Oddly enough, I was never interested in a career in travel, let alone interested in travelling, until two years ago.
I had spent 5 years at university completing a Zoology degree and I thought I knew exactly where my career was heading.

One day I packed a backpack and up and left on an adventure to South East Asia. My two week trip turned into three and half months. I only returned home because I had run out of money.
After saving up more money, I set off again. This time it was 4 months which included the Vodkatrain’s “Ruski Huski” from Beijing to Moscow.
I returned home with a crazy obsession for travel. I had spent every cent I had (and more) on exploring the world and I knew I would continue to seek out new cultural experiences, add more stamps to my passport, talk about travel to anyone who would listen and forever dream and plan future trips. So why not make it my career and help others find the same happiness!

What do you love most about overland travel?
The adventure. Sure, jumping on a plane for an hour flight is quick and easy, but where is the fun?
I’ve spent 12 hours on a cramped mini-van driving down the coast of Vietnam. Ten minutes before we finally arrived at our destination our driver cranked the Vietnamese dance music and turned on some disco lights.I’ve spent 4 entire days on the train from Irkutsk to Moscow. We drank vodka with locals, made Christmas decorations with scrap paper and chilled our drinks between the carriages because it was covered in snow.

Which of the Vodka Train destinations fascinates you most?
India for its incredible diversity, history, culture, chaos, beauty and biodiversity.

What is your most memorable travel experience?
Always a difficult question.
I will never forget Finnish Lapland. Snowmobiling across a frozen lake, sitting in the snow around a fire cooking reindeer burgers and watching the Northern Lights on Christmas Day.

I will also always remember Mongolia. Incredible people, 18 kg vultures, and a stunning, serene sunrise over the vast snowy landscape in -15 degrees. One day I'll be a nomad there.

Which Vodkatrain journeys are on your wish list and why?
My next Vodkatrain will be a Holy Cow trip to India – hopefully Leg 4! This country has captivated me ever since I started learning about it and I’m hoping to get there next year! 

What is your favourite season to travel and why?
It can be cold and snowy or hot and humid; the flowers can be bright and blossoming or the autumn leaves can be falling - it doesn’t matter as long as I see a blue sky.

Where have you travelled to?
India, Fiji, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Hungary, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Slovakia, France, Belgium, China, Mongolia, Russia , Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam and Brunei!

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