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Make Your Own Adventure

Prefer to do your own thing? Make Your Own Adventure and you can decide how long you want to stay in each city and when you want to go (if trains timetables allow of course!). Plan your journey with your other half, your wolf pack or even your mum. With Make Your Own Adventure (M.Y.O) there are no age restrictions and you can pick and choose where you want to go.

Time to get the pen out and start ticking off your hot list! In each city we offer a bunch of different options including accommodation, transfers, trains and Honchos. You get to pick the fun stuff and we’ll deal with the bureaucratic visa support to make sure you have the right papers to get to where you need to be. Although you are doing your own thing, like our group journeys you will have 24/7 support just in case there is any funny business that you need a hand with!

Ask one of our travel advisors or see page 20 of our brochure for more details.

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The Marco Polo

Follow in the footsteps of the grandfather of wanderlust! Traverse deserts and mountains, of the ancient Silk Road; Discover the jewels of ancient Persia, the carpets of more...